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Benefits of weight training for women’s health

Weight training

Weight training also known as strength training is a great workout regime to remain fit and stay youthful. Women can pursue weight training as a priority fitness regime to lose those extra pounds and also build the desired curves. Also, it is considered to be one of the most effective ways to build muscles mass and increase bone density. Along with physical fitness, weight training offers other health advantages too. Let’s look at seven health benefits of lifting weights for women.

Lose Body Fat

Lose Body Fat

According to research studies the average woman who does weight training two to three times a week for two months will approximately  burn upto 35 to 50 more calories per day. Weight training has been proven to raise the metabolism rate for up to 24 hours post the workout session. Hence, the more intense the workout the more calories are burned. By training with weights, women will burn fat and will also be able to burn more calories in a short period as compared to cardio exercises. Also the body remains in the fat burning mode long after the workout.

Enhances sports fitness

Enhances sports fitness

Maintaining one’s fitness in sports is completely dependent on the muscles, bone strength, and the endurance capacity. If women are aiming to become fit in a certain sport, or even otherwise, lifting weights along with cardio exercises can improve the overall performance. Also according to the research, lifting weights has a positive impact on heart health and connective tissues and thereby improves stamina and muscle power.

Increases flexibility

Increases flexibility

Lifting weights can help in improving the muscle flexibility. This occurs through the stretching and contracting motion that helps build strong muscles and bones and thereby improves the flexibility. Women should target various body parts and also include other stretching exercises to maximize the benefits of lifting weights.

Improves muscle strength

Improves muscle strength

According to research, older women can improve muscle capacity and strength by lifting weights. Also three days per week of weight training in older women helped them to lose fat and improved their functional performance and muscle strength.

Weight training does not make women bulky

does not make women bulky

Sadly, many women have a notion that lifting weights will make them bulkier like men, while in reality it is only a myth. Women simply don’t have the required testosterone levels to build muscle like men. Instead women develop muscle definition and strength without the size. According to research, through weight training women lose more weight and look good and young.

Tones the body

Tones body

Lifting weights can help women get a toned and sleek body and build lean muscle mass thereby giving them the body they are aspiring for. According to fitness experts, women who prefer to do a mixed workout, that includes cardio and weight training, are able to burn more fat and also build lean muscle mass. By using dumbbells, barbells, resistance bands, on body weight women can build the amount of curves in the right area.

Reduces the risk of injuries and strengthens bones and muscles

Reduces the risk of injuries, strengthen bones and muscles

Also according to research, weight training helps women avoid exercises related injuries.  The production of collagen, which is the primary fibre of connective tissue, increases by lifting weights. As a result, bones becomes less fragile, and muscles become strong, preventing the risk of injuries. Weight training also increases spinal bone density to create a strong and healthy spine and thereby helps to not only strengthen the muscles, but also the bones.

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