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Bengal boy loses right arm to cancer, writes class 10 exams with left hand

February 8, 2024

In the Nadia district of West Bengal, a remarkable tale of resilience unfolds as 16-year-old Shubajit Biswas confronts the challenges of the ongoing class 10 board exams with courage and determination. A resident of Haripur Narapatipara village in the Santipur area, Shubajit is navigating his examinations using his left hand after undergoing the amputation of his right arm due to cancer.

The journey began a few years ago when a tumor developed on Shubajit’s right arm, eventually leading to the detection of cancer. Following an initial diagnosis in Kolkata, he underwent treatment in Bengaluru, where, despite two years of efforts, the arm could not be saved. In December of the previous year, his right arm was amputated, marking a significant and challenging turning point in his life.

Undeterred by the physical adversity he faced, Shubajit embarked on a determined endeavor to adapt to his new circumstances. Over the last two months leading up to the exams, he learned to write with his left hand. The initial stages were undoubtedly difficult, marked by impatience and tears, but through daily practice, Shubajit gradually improved his speed and gained the ability to write confidently.

Shubajit’s resilience extends beyond the realm of academics, encapsulating the financial hardships his family endures due to the considerable expenses associated with his medical treatment. His father, who was previously employed as a weaver, now works as a construction laborer in Kolkata, while his mother contributes as a domestic help. With two of his sisters already married, Shubajit currently resides with his uncle and aunt.

The indomitable spirit exhibited by Shubajit has not gone unnoticed. Teachers, invigilators, and neighbors alike have expressed admiration for his courage and determination. His school, Haripur High School, and the examination center have marveled at the speed and proficiency with which Shubajit, having recently learned to write with his left hand, is tackling the class 10 board exams.

The West Bengal Board of Secondary Education commenced the class 10 board examinations on February 2, with over 9.23 lakh candidates participating across 2,675 examination centers throughout the state. In the face of adversity, Shubajit Biswas stands as an inspiring symbol of resilience, determination, and the human spirit’s capacity to overcome challenges.

Source: PTI

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