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Bengaluru: Beaten and bruised, four-year-old’s parent pens note against private school

Bengaluru: Beaten and bruised, four-year-old’s parent pens note against private school

August 26, 2022

Parent of a four-year-old child has penned a horrifying note against Bishop Cottons Boys School in Bengaluru claiming that his son was physically assaulted by one of the teachers.

The child complained of abuse as early as in July, just weeks after schools reopened in Bengaluru, saying that one of the teachers beat him for not behaving well in class. Months later, the issue resurfaced where the child complained of continued abuse, forcing the parent to withdraw the student from school.

Rivu Chakraborty, a parent, said that the incident first came to light on July 20 when the child had bruises on his hand when the parents went to pick him up in school.

“Every day he came back, he complained about his teacher hitting him. It was unbelievable for us, mostly due to the good name of the school, so we ignored it, thinking he’s misunderstanding something else.

Then on 20th July, when picking him up from school we saw marks of beating on his hand (photo attached). Upon asking him, he said “I was being naughty, so the teacher beat me” he wrote. 

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The parent said he immediately mailed the school asking for an appointment with the principal and an explanation. However, the following day, the principal called them along with the class teacher and the coordinator of KG division, where the principal asked him to identify the teacher who hurt his son. “My son was too scared to do that,” he said. The school also dismissed it as a possible fight between students.

“I pointed out that injury can’t happen to other 4–5-year-olds, she stayed silent and later promised this won’t happen again,” he recollected.  

Later in August, another similar incident came to light. “….he slipped up and said that he was being naughty at school and his class teacher hurt him.

“After saying that, he immediately covered up his mouth and said, “sorry ma’am told me not to tell you I mistakenly told it”, upon questioning further we got to know that she not only continued to beat him, but they told him not to say to us by saying “I’m scared of your mom”,” said Chakraborty.

The parents have filed a complaint with Cubbon Park police and taken a transfer certificate from the school. “Want to share a terrible experience we had with my son’s school. So that other parents become more careful, and don’t blindly run behind big names of the school, and so that they don’t repeat the mistakes we made,” he said.

Despite repeated attempts, acting principal Dr Lavanya Mitran could not be reached over phone and a mail sent was unanswered. 

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