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Bishop Cotton's Girls students involves in street fight, videos viral

Bishop Cotton Girls students involved in street fight, videos go viral

May 18, 2022

Videos of a group of girls from Bengaluru’s reputed Bishop Cotton’s Girls School indulging in a street fight in school uniforms has set the internet ablaze.

Within 24 hours of it surfacing on social media sites, the incident which took place on Tuesday in front of the school premises took the social media by storm, invoking satires, expressions of shock, and disbelief.

The incident took place just meters away from the school premises on Bengaluru’s St Marks Road. In the video, girls can be seen physically attacking each other, punching each other, and kicking their schoolmates uncontrollably while also grabbing each other by the hair. The video also has some girls picking up sticks in the vicinity and fighting in groups only to be pacified by onlookers but in vain. Some girls are also seen dragging another student down the stairs of a commercial complex opposite the school.

Some boys, allegedly from the Bishop Cottons Boys School which is in the same school’s vicinity on St Marks Road were also involved in the incident.

Even as there is no official confirmation on what caused the incident, sources in the school said that a verbal fight aggravated this far. Three girls, all of who took interest in one other student fought after one student passed derogatory comments to the others’ parents. These students later summoned their friends for support, later concluding in a street brawl.

Even as the video has been circulated widely, the school is yet to issue an official statement regarding the same. Meanwhile, when contacted, Bishop Cotton School’s principal Dr. Lavanya Mithran did not respond to queries regarding the same. 

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