Best Engineering Courses of 2017

JEE Main and Advanced, the most coveted and sought after engineering entrance examination in India has just wrapped up. As soon as the results are declared, students are going to flock at engineering colleges around the country to seek admission in any of the courses in engineering. Many students prefer enrolling in an engineering course for an undergraduate degree. The fact that nearly 13 lakh students appeared for JEE Main this year is a testament to that. A promising career is perhaps the most driving factor that encourages students to pursue engineering. However, in a race to crack the entrance exam, students often fail to pay attention to the course they enroll themselves in.

Selecting and enrolling in the right course is an important requisite to realise your engineering dream. Choose a course for which you have an aptitude for, but most importantly you have an interest in. Here is a list of top 5 courses in engineering in 2017:

# 1 Computer Science Engineering

Computer science is one of the most preferred courses in engineering. Job prospects after the completion of this course is very bright. There are several Indian and foreign IT companies that are on a lookout to hire promising young computer science graduates. The quality, as well as the number of jobs in the sphere, are both high. But do you have it to you become ace computer science engineer? The first clue towards becoming a computer science engineer is the problem-solving skill. You need to have an analytical mind and a natural inclination towards programming.

# 2 Civil Engineering

Civil engineering is yet another field that promises great career opportunity. Civil engineers are like foot soldiers who silently work towards the growth and development of a town and city. It is also a very diverse field of work. Some also dub civil engineering thrilling and adventurous. This is because civil engineers work in the most challenging work conditions. They are the mind behind the construction of roads, highway, building, tunnels, dams in the most challenging and exquisite locations of the world. So, if you love the outdoors or have the passion towards architecture, enroll in civil engineering. Having stated that, not all civil engineers are field based, there are many firms that hire structural and CAD designers with a degree in civil engineering and coding.

# 3 Mechanical Engineering

If you are looking to pursue an academic career or get into research and development, a degree in mechanical engineering should be your pick. Owing to the scope of this field, mechanical engineering offers a very broad career spectrum. A passion for hardcore engineering courses namely Math, Physics, and interest in subject matters related to Kinematics, Thermodynamics, Material Science, etc. is imperative to like and pursue mechanical engineering. A degree in mechanical engineering can fetch you a job in ISRO, NASA, Automobile Industry, etc. After the completion of B.Tech degree, you can also pursue Masters followed by Ph.D. and join as a research scholar in most reputed institutes around the globe.

# 4 Electronics and Communication Engineering

With the onslaught of surveillance systems, navigation and development of electronic equipments, power generation unit, the scope of electronics and communication engineering is on the rise. The growth and demand for communication technology have laid down new protocols, systems and transmitting data and information. Owing to this advancement, electrical engineering is a sought-after field that promises good work opportunities in both Private and Government sector.

# 5 Chemical Engineering

The primary sector for the employment of chemical engineers in India is the pharmaceutical industry, oil, and chemical refineries, food processing sector, etc. Amongst these, the pharmaceutical industry is regarded as the major employer. According to a government report, by 2020, India is likely to be among the top three pharmaceutical markets by incremental growth and sixth largest market globally in absolute size This means that the growth and quality of jobs from this sector looks very promising.

While weighing your decision, you must consider your interest towards the discipline as well as the job prospects. Also, your choice of college matters a lot. Pick up an engineering college that has state of the art infrastructure, good placement record and a pedagogical technique which is skilled based. Scoring well in all the three departments is BML Munjal University or BMU. Located in Gurgaon, BMU is an elite college that offers a wide range of undergraduate courses for engineering and business administration where practical learning is given to precedence over classroom learning. Therefore, students graduating from the institute are highly skilled and employable.

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