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Boys aged 14-18 are twice as likely as girls to own smartphones: ASER

January 18, 2024

According to the Annual Status of Education Report (ASER) released on Wednesday, boys in the 14-18 age group are more than twice as likely to own smartphones compared to girls. The report, published by the Pratham Foundation, reveals that 89% of youths in this age bracket have smartphones at home, with 92% of them possessing the ability to use them.

In the overall youth demographic, close to 90% have smartphones in their households, and among those who can use them, males (43.7%) are over twice as likely to own their own smartphones compared to females (19.8%), as per the report.

The survey, conducted in 28 districts across 26 states, assessed 34,745 youths aged 14-18. The study delved into youths’ access to digital devices, online habits, and digital skills, using both self-reported questionnaires and performance tasks.

Notably, only 9% of households have a computer/laptop, and youth with access to one are more likely to know how to use it (85%) compared to those without (33.9%).

On communication and online safety, the survey revealed that 50% of surveyed males have an email ID, compared to just under 30% of females. Additionally, 90.5% of youths reported using social media, with males slightly higher at 93.4%, and a limited understanding of online safety settings, particularly among females.

Concerning educational activities, nearly two-thirds of youths who use smartphones have engaged in educational-related activities, such as watching educational videos, solving doubts, or exchanging notes. Moreover, 25% of non-enrolled youths reported participating in education-related activities on their smartphones.

The report also highlighted gender disparities, with females lagging in smartphone and computer usage compared to males. For instance, only 30% of females have email IDs, and 25.3% of females can use Google Maps, compared to 48.9% of males.

Source: PTI

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