Careers after class 12: Electronics and Robotics

Industry: Engineering

What is Electronics and Robotics?

Electronics is the subfield of electrical engineering covering fields such as analog, digital, power and consumer electronics and embedded systems. Robotics is the interdisciplinary field integrating engineering and computer science involving the design, construction, operation and use of robots. The combined use of electronics and robotics enables engineers to design machines capable of assisting humans. Electronics and robotics find tremendous opportunities for application in not only automotive industries but also in the domestic, commercial, medical and military sectors.

Job Description

  • Responsibilities of an electronics and robotics engineer include designing and operating robotic systems
  • Conducting research to determine the parameters of robotics-application
  • Developing and implementing software to operate and control robots
  • Devising cost-effective, safe and efficient processes to produce robotic systems

Eligibility and Courses
Class 12

Science with Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics as core subjects

Under Graduate Courses

  • B.E./B.Tech. in Robotics and Automation Engineering
  • B.E./B.Tech. in Robotics
  • B.Tech. in Mechatronics Engineering (Robotics)
  • B.Sc. in Robotics
  • B.Sc. (Hons.) in Electronics (Robotics and Application)

Career Profiles

Career Profiles Electronics and Robotics

Top 5 Institutes for Electronics and Robotics courses

1. Indian Institute of Information Technology (IIIT), Allahabad

Value for Money- 4.5/5

Bachelor Courses- Integrated Robotics

Tenure- 5 years


2. PSG College of Technology, Coimbatore

Value for Money- 4.6/5

Bachelor Courses- B.E. in Robotics and Automation Engineering

Tenure- 4 years


3. Symbiosis Institute of Technology, Pune

Value for Money- 3.8/5

Bachelor Courses- B.Tech. in Robotics and Automation

Tenure- 4 years


4. School of Engineering and Technology, Sharda University, Noida

Value for Money- 3.7/5

Bachelor Courses- B.Tech. in Electronics and Communication Engineering

Tenure- 4 years


5. SRM Institute of Science and Technology, Chennai

Value for Money- 3.6/5

Bachelor Courses- B.Tech. in Mechatronics Engineering (Robotics)

Tenure- 4 years


Career Progression

Career Progression Electronics and Robotics


Pay Electronics and Robotics

Expert Advice

Daniel H. Wilson“Robots are interesting because they exist as a real technology that you can really study – you can get a degree in robotics – and they also have all this pop-culture real estate that they take up in people’s minds.”

— Daniel H. Wilson,
Robotics engineer, New York Times bestselling author


Bill Gates“Robotics and other combinations will make the world pretty fantastic compared with today.”

— Bill Gates,
Famous business magnate and software developer

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