Chakraview School Bus Communication System

About the Product

Chakraview offers an innovative communication tool to keep schools/bus operators and parents updated about the movement of the school buses.

It uses the latest technology to track the school buses on mobile phones and send realtime alerts. Instead of using GPS devices, Chakraview uses the GPS and GPRS capabilities of smartphones to offer a much more versatile solution.

There is no need to install separate RFID devices in the buses too. 

This takes away the burden from students to carry RFID cards every day and swipe them appropriately.

Unique Features

Chakraview uses a combination of a mobile app for parents, a mobile app for bus attendants and a mobile app for schools/bus operators to facilitate this commination tool.

Contact details

Phone: 7506947274

Email: [email protected]


Current Issue
EducationWorld November 2022
ParentsWorld November 2022

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