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Christmas decorations

Homemade Christmas decorations have a unique beauty and charm. Get the family together and make these enchanting decorations to celebrate the season of love, joy and peace.

Christmas decorationsA reindeer in my flower pot

 Terracotta pot
 Paint
 Pom pom
 Foam board
 Bells
 White and black scrapbook paper
 Giltter

 Paint the terracotta pot brown.
 Glue on a red pom pom, add glue to it and sprinkle some glitter.
 Take white and black paper, cut out ovals for eyes and stick on the pot.
 Cut foam board into the shape of antlers, paint and sprinkle with glitter for sparkle.
 Add bells to them.
 Fill the pot with candy and other goodies.

Christmas decorationsGlitter globe

Materials needed
 Mason jar
 Small Christmas ornaments
 Clear glue
 Warm water
 Glitter (red/green/silver/gold)

 Use a glue gun to carefully glue the bottom of your tree ornament to the mason jar lid.
 Add clear glue to your jar.
 Add warm water and stir. Add glitter and stir.
 Now close the lid over it.
 Shake and enjoy your glitter globe.

Christmas terrarium

 Mini terrarium holder or large wine glass
Christmas decorations Christmas ornaments (preferably a mini Christmas tree and a cut out reindeer)
 White pebbles or tiny stones painted white
 Corn starch
 Baking soda

Fake snow
 In a tray, mix the cornstarch and baking soda in a 1:1 ratio.
 Now, add just enough water so that when you squeeze some of the mixture in your hands, you can form a ball.
 Gently release any clumps until your fake snow looks like real snow.
 Make sure to add the water very slowly or the mixture may get too runny, in which case just add more of the cornstarch and baking soda.

The terrarium
 Get started by putting a handful of artificial snow into the glass jar. Fill around one-third.
 Place the Christmas ornaments into the jar. The artificial snow should keep the ornament standing up.
 Put the lid back on the glass jar and display your beautiful DIY snow terrarium!

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