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Delhi HC rejects student’s request for CBSE portal mark correction

January 9, 2024

The Delhi High Court recently dismissed a student’s plea requesting a correction in her internal assessment marks for Class 10 on the CBSE portal. The court emphasized the potential chaos if schools were allowed to make errors during mark uploads and subsequently sought corrections. Justice C Hari Shankar acknowledged the student’s situation but noted the court’s limitations due to circulars explicitly prohibiting alterations in uploaded internal assessment marks.

In a recent order, the court asserted that once a school uploads a student’s internal assessment marks on the CBSE website, no corrections can be sought, even in the case of errors during the upload. The court expressed regret, stating that it had to rule based on regulations rather than empathy.

The petitioner, a student in a CBSE-affiliated school in Oman, approached the court after discovering a discrepancy. Despite securing a perfect 20 out of 20 in a paper during internal assessment, her final Class-10 results from the CBSE indicated an award of only 18 marks.

The petitioner argued that her awarded 20 marks were undisputed, and she should not suffer due to the school’s mistake. The court, however, emphasized that restrictions on corrections are in the public interest, advising schools to exercise caution during mark uploads.

Justice C Hari Shankar noted that permitting errors in mark uploads would lead to chaos. The CBSE, overseeing schools in India and abroad, could face difficulties in verifying and correcting marks individually, potentially delaying the announcement of final results for all students.

The court highlighted that the circulars issued by the CBSE were not contested in the matter, indicating no sustainable grievance in the petition. The decision underscores the importance of accuracy in mark uploads and the finality of assessments once uploaded to maintain the integrity of the examination and result declaration process.

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