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Delhi teachers’ group requests reevaluation of guest teachers’ pay

January 18, 2024

The Delhi Democratic Teachers’ Forum took a significant step on Wednesday by addressing a letter to Education Minister Atishi, advocating for a comprehensive reconsideration of the remuneration structure for guest teachers employed in government schools across the city.

In their communication, the forum underscored the crucial role played by guest teachers within the Directorate of Education’s teaching community, emphasizing their dedication and efficiency in fulfilling their duties. The letter drew attention to the prolonged service of many guest teachers and their dependence on this employment as their primary income source. Consequently, the forum pressed for a revision in their remuneration to ensure that it aligns with their commitment and the duration of their service.

A pivotal point raised in the letter was the inadequacy of the current remuneration, which, according to the forum, has not seen a revision since 2017. In light of this, the forum argued that the existing compensation structure falls short of doing justice to the vital role and responsibilities shouldered by guest teachers in educating the city’s youth.

The letter explicitly highlighted the economic challenges faced by guest teachers, citing the steady rise in inflation since 2017. The forum argued that the prevailing remuneration fails to cater to even the basic short-term needs of the teachers’ families and the educational requirements of their children. This financial strain, as articulated in the letter, underscores the pressing need for a substantial increase in remuneration to ensure that guest teachers can sustain themselves and their families adequately.

In making their case, the Delhi Democratic Teachers’ Forum effectively communicated the urgency of addressing the financial concerns of guest teachers, whose dedication forms an integral part of the educational framework in government schools. The letter serves as a formal plea for a comprehensive review and adjustment of remuneration, reflecting the evolving economic landscape and the invaluable contributions of guest teachers to the education system in Delhi.

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