Do it now! – Home-made Squash

Want a refreshing pick-me-up for summer? Dont stock up fizzy drinks or tetrapacks. Make your own bottles of squash that you can use any time. Its healthier, and cheaper!
Nutritionist Rashmi Chak-rapani offers two recipes you can follow easily. Store squa-shes in the refrigerator and serve when you have guests or when summer thirst hits you.

Lime Squash

• Squeeze the juice of 20 limes and strain out the seeds.

• Add sugar to water and boil it till the solution becomes thick.

• After it cools, add the juice of limes.

• Your squash is ready to use!

• Pour about one-fifth of a glass of squash and add water.

• You can change the proportion of squash to suit your taste.

• Prepare enough to last for a month.

Aam Panna

• Peel and chop raw mangoes.

• Cook them well in a pressure cooker with a little water.

• Mash and add sugar. Mix well.

• Use this squash to make a glass of juice.

• Add more sugar if needed.

• Aam panna can be stored for 3-4 months in a refrigerator. This way you can make the most of the mango season!

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