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Educational technologies that are redefining executive education

John Kallelil, CEO & Founder, XED

With digitalisation taking centre stage, technology has profoundly altered every aspect of our personal and professional lives. With the advancement of technology, every aspect of our life has become increasingly internet-connected and created opportunities for everyone. Businesses across sectors, including the education industry, have adopted new-age technologies to deal with bottlenecks and become future-ready.

We no longer need to be physically present to access education. We have practically bid adieu to conventional teaching-learning methods due to advancements in technology. Therefore, modern technology has not only revolutionised the way the education sector operates but also improved our living standards.

Technology as a tool for the education sector

Technology has gotten more efficient and effective with time. The emergence of numerous educational technologies such as artificial intelligence, augmented and virtual reality, learning algorithms, machine learning, among others, is creating an exciting future for the education sector. This has not only intensified competition among various tech companies and behemoths, but it has also accelerated the application of technological breakthroughs in the education sector.

There was a time when the number of seats available for a specific course was limited. However, today learners can access their selected courses via virtual classrooms regardless of time or geographical limitations; all that is required is a stable connection to the internet and a tool that can support it.

Influencing the future of education

The shift from blackboard to multitouch display has redefined how education is delivered, subjugating the conventional teaching-learning approach in schools and professional education. Ed-tech has assisted professionals in improving their analytical and critical thinking abilities, which are crucial to accomplishing career objectives in today’s highly competitive workplace. 

There are several ed-tech platforms that aim to address the ever-increasing need for high-quality executive or professional education. These ed-tech platforms provide executive education programmes for experienced professionals looking to develop their leadership insights and business acumen in light of the new-normal difficulties of today’s dynamic and rapidly changing environment.

These programmes enable corporations to create a sound learning framework for their leaders and senior executives. The platforms combine traditional classroom methodologies with high-quality learning solutions to bridge the experiential learning gap for senior executives and future visionaries. These ed-tech platforms enable senior employees to take up leadership roles in the future by equipping them with leadership, innovation, entrepreneurship, and digital transformation skills, allowing them to gain high-level competence in their respective fields.

Technology Transformation: Paving the Way for the Future

The rise of new-age technologies such as artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning (ML), and big data, among others, has prepared the way for the future. It has become evident that e-learning is impossible without technology, which has steadily evolved over time. The education industry is being revamped due to digital disruption, and the evolution is such that even professionals, particularly at the senior executive level, have access to executive education and experiential learning. This enables them to develop business and leadership skills for coping with real-world challenges. To conclude, the education sector’s future appears promising owing to technological advancements. 

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