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Emerald Heights students excel in House of Lalpur boot camp

EducationWorld December 2023 | Spotlight Feature

Forty enthusiastic students from Emerald Heights International School actively participated in the invigorating Leadership and Adventure Boot Camp at the House of Lalpur, Punjab. The camp, meticulously organized by MU20 School of Opportunity, spanned four days, from November 27 to 30, 2023, and aimed at instilling essential leadership qualities among the students.

The programme commenced on a vibrant note with a workshop featuring the esteemed Dr. Sumer Singh, a visionary educationist, and Mr. Jasmer Singh, shedding light on local history and the intricacies of organic farming. Dr. Sumer Singh further enriched the experience with engaging leadership sessions, sharing invaluable insights and guidance.

Delegates were treated to a memorable tractor ride to the idyllic Sutlej River, where they savored warm tea while relishing the breathtaking sunset. The adventure continued with group trekking through the private forest of Basali, offering students a closer connection with nature. Activities such as swimming, kayaking, and fishing enhanced the overall enjoyment, creating lasting memories.

The camp’s diverse itinerary included enriching workshops on executive presence, the significance of leadership, intervention categories, and an exciting treasure hunt named “The Kila Quest,” skillfully organized by Mr. Tejus Jain. The Polity Project added an academic touch, allowing students to create a country from scratch, gaining profound insights into historical, geographical, economical, political, and social aspects.

Dr. Sumer Singh’s highly informative session covered the geopolitical scenario of the world and socio-economics, broadening the students’ perspectives. The unique village stay during the camp not only provided a cultural immersion but also served as a valuable platform for students to enhance their leadership skills, fostering a deeper connection with nature and the Earth.

In conclusion, the Leadership and Adventure Boot Camp became an unforgettable experience for the students, combining adventure, learning, and leadership development in a holistic manner.

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