Empowering Young Minds: The Magic of Child-Led Pedagogy

EducationWorld November 2023 | Spotlight Feature

Imagine a place where children are the conductors of their own learning symphony, where teachers are observers and documentarians, not directors. Welcome to the enchanting world of Little Aryans Pre-K. Here preschoolers embark on a journey of self-discovery, where curiosity is king, and knowledge is built through exploration, play, and imagination.

Little AryansThrough reading corners, puzzles, pre-writing tables, creative tables and listening activities the pre-school addresses the 3 aspects of Listening, Speaking and Reading.

Storytelling is a wonderful medium amply used at Little Aryans. Watch this video of the Bear Hunt Activity where children learn about prepositions while engaging in a sensorial experience in a fun way.

IMG_9956 (1)At Masti-Ki-Pathshala – a free-play, Bagless days event, children engage in a market role play, to understand the concepts of buying and selling, learn basic arithmetic skills, communication and develop entrepreneurial skills.

Learning amidst nature is an integral part of their pedagogy as the school believes that ‘environment is the third teacher’. Recently they have engaged in a ‘seed ball making’ activity as a part of their Green school initiative, led by Dr. Neelam Malik, Director.

Little AryansLA Ambernath (E) was awarded Thane’s No.1 and Maharashtra’s No.3 in Best Technology Integration at the Education World Grand Jury India Preschool Rankings 2022-23 Awards .

Little AryansLA Nandivali (E) was awarded Thane’s No. 10 Proprietary Preschool and LA Ambernath (E) was awarded Thane’s No. 6 Proprietary Preschool at the Education World India Preschool Rankings 2022-23qrcode_www.youtube.com (4)

In a world where education is often seen as a structured path, this preschool reminds us that sometimes the most beautiful and lasting learning happens when we simply let children be children. Hence, their motto ‘Happy Child, Happy Nation’

Visit the website https://littlearyans.in/

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