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Bal Bharati Public School

Mental health…is not a destination, but a process. It’s about how you drive, not where you’re going — Noam Shpancer

Bal Bharati Public School, GRH Marg, Delhi, since its inception in 1944, under the aegis of its apex body, Child Education Society, has been committed to facilitating holistic quality education, to its learners from myriad backgrounds. Consistently fostering a supportive and nurturing environment the school continues to be a strong advocate of inclusivity. An educational haven, the school focusses on creating safe, secure, and happy spaces for all its stakeholders. Based on the impressively high scores in the ‘Student Satisfaction index’, the school was featured in the Forbes Marquee edition 2018 as a Great Place to Study.

Holistic wellbeing of learners forms the cornerstone of teaching-learning process at the school. Accordingly, mental wellbeing of students is prioritized and not stigmatized here; and due care is taken to ensure that students thrive emotionally and not merely excel academically.

The school has an annual enrolment of more than 5000 learners. Consistently innovating, devising, and revising its policies, to keep pace with changing paradigms in global society, the school endeavours to facilitate varied relevant programmes that foster socio-emotional and mental wellbeing of all its learners.


The school has a well-resourced Guidance and Counselling department consisting of 4 counsellors, and 3 special educators. The faculty, through regular interactions with students and their parents, attempts to bridge academic gaps and address personal issues, to ensure wellbeing of learners. The department also plays a proactive role in promoting inclusivity. Through a systematic approach, they identify Children with Special Needs (CWSN). Harnessing and developing their unique abilities, they prepare individualized education plans for CWSN and support them to meet academic challenges, make adjustments, and subsequently merge with mainstream students.

To empower learners to meet challenges of the present-day technology-driven global society, where change is the only constant, the school focusses on instilling essential skills amongst them. Therefore, life skills training sessions, both in-house and outsourced are meticulously incorporated in the school almanac, besides RK Ashram’s Value Education Programmes.

Additionally, believing in the power of creativity as an expression to innermost feelings and therefore effecting wellness besides a sense of achievement, the school provides a rich mosaic of carefully planned creative outlets from sports to art, dance, drama, and music, etc. The practice of conducting class-wise annual day programmes, morning assemblies and display board competitions etc. enable each learner to explore and showcase their talents and collaborate with others on a common platform. Also, activities, such as, Drama in Education potentially strengthen wellbeing among students, as they understand and deal with real-life problems, while impersonating different characters.

Laksh Vir Sehgal

Laksh Vir Sehgal

The school’s clear and well-defined anti-bullying policy, which is easily accessible on the website and focussed sensitization programmes have helped promote positive attitudes and create safe environs. Gender sensitization too, is a priority and is meticulously promoted through storytelling, videos, discussions, and inclusive teaching materials, value education classes, etc. Age-appropriate workshops/ trainings to educate students about safe and inappropriate touch are also conducted regularly, besides those dealing with adolescent issues. Mindfulness exercises and practices such as, deep-breathing, yoga, group games and sports etc. are encouraged to guide learners to deal with stress, feel relaxed and calm themselves.

With the guidance of the Counselling department, Student Council members, organize relevant Open House Talks, in which students have been observed to express themselves freely. The candid feedback helps to devise strategies for reinforcing positive behaviour and attitudes. Suggestion Boxes too are placed prominently at different points to encourage free expression.

The school also ensures regular training of staff members for honing their soft skills and to reinforce positive outlook, for it is they, who directly interact with students.

The school greatly values and seeks active collaboration from parents. Through positive parenting sessions; initiating subscription to parenting guidance magazines; and one on one interaction with the counsellors/special educators – parents become partners in ensuring mental wellbeing amongst learners.

Thus, the school endeavours to ensure mental wellbeing as a basic human right for the learners as well as render the school as a ‘home away from home’ for all.

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