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Forests of Hope at Nirmal Bhartia School

EducationWorld October 2023 | Spotlight Feature

Nirmal Bhartia School

August 23, 2023—was a ‘moon’mentous day for all of us here in India and the world…

It was also a very special day for us at Nirmal Bhartia School, swelling with pride, gratitude, and sheer delight as Dr. Vikas Kumar, MD, DMRC (Delhi Metro Railways Corporation), unveiled the
Forests of Hope mural at Sector 14, Dwarka metro station—just a few hours before Chandrayaan 3 landed on the moon!

Envisioned by our students at NiBS (Nirmal Bhartia School) to pay tribute to the indomitable spirit of the DMRC network on the occasion of Azadi Ka Amrit Mahotsav and brought to life by the
award-winning Warli artists, the Vayeda brothers, Forests of Hope is the result of a unique collaborative partnership fostered by the students of NiBS with St+ART India Foundation and
the DMRC. 

Mayur and Tushar’s art seamlessly weaves ancestral tales, folklore, and contemporary artistry, celebrating indigenous wisdom and the symbiotic relationship between humanity and nature.
Their mural at the metro station is a powerful symbol of this union, urging commuters to engage in dialogue, raise awareness, and take action for the preservation of tribal heritage and the
flourishing of forests and communities. Through intricate patterns and organic forms, it pays homage to the pollinating seed at the heart of the forest, envisioning a future where vibrant
cultural traditions coexist harmoniously with thriving ecosystems. 

This initiative is an integral part of Nirmal Bhartia School’s unwavering commitment to bringing the transformative power of public art to the neighbouring community. The mural reimagines the bare walls of the Sector 14 metro station as a metaphorical ‘forest,’ teeming with inspiration and optimism. It brilliantly illuminates our guiding principle, Aham-Sah, reminding us of our interconnectedness and inspiring us to work harmoniously towards building a brighter, more sustainable future for all.

These community-based initiatives help our students appreciate and understand the value of thoughtful, authentic, and purposeful actions. This endeavour is a reflection of our commitment
to collaboration, community, art, our cultural wisdom, and adding value to the urban landscape around us.

We are truly grateful to the DMRC, the St+art India Foundation, and the Vayeda brothers for helping us root our Forests of Hope.

The Vayeda Brothers
Hailing from the rustic village of Ganjad in Maharashtra, the Vayeda Brothers – the artistic duo of Mayur & Tushar – are on a journey of bridging the ancient and modern worlds through their
Warli art. As chroniclers of community life, they paint their memories and observations with reverence, aiming to convey the wisdom and knowledge inherited from their ancestors in a
language universally understood.

Warli art, rooted in the Warli community’s profound connection with nature, finds its name from the word “waral,” signifying a place where seeds are stored underground, covered with
leaves. Beyond their creative expression, the Vayeda Brothers actively engage in “The Jungle Project,” an initiative to counteract the rapid industrialization and modernization encroaching
upon village society. By spreading awareness about green initiatives, they strive to lead their community back to a more integrated and creative way of living.

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