Product description

Funtoot is an intelligent and adaptive personal tutor that teaches children in a fun and interactive manner. It observes, assesses, diagnoses, interacts, encourages and tutors each student based on their individual characteristics. Developed after extensive research, Funtoot is personalised to the precise requirement of the student so that they can look forward to fun-filled learning. It helps cultivate innovative thinking and helps students improve their academic performance. It also assists teachers to monitor their students regularly and helps parents keep track of the progress of their children. Designed for cloud computing environment, Funtoot does not require installation of additional software or hardware. A computer and an internet connection is all that is required to get started.

Unique Features

Funtoot is built around artificial intelligence and is currently being used by over 10,000 students in dozens of schools. It does not require installation of any additional hardware or software. Just a computer and internet connection is enough.
Contact details
Phone: 1800313002020
Current Issue
EducationWorld August 2022
ParentsWorld July 2022

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