Get your child to love reading

If your child is not enthused about reading, here are some tips to get her hooked to books. Try them, you could get hooked yourself!

Choose an engaging age-appropriate book and discuss it with her to generate interest its subject matter. Talk about facts and incidents related to the theme, or watch theme-related movies together. After generating interest, present her the book.

Another option is to introduce literature which is one reading level lower than what you expect of her. The books for younger children will be easier to read and more attractive (as long as they are not too childish for her age). Once she develops interest in reading, you can slowly introduce her to age-appropriate books.

Children dont like being repeatedly told to do anything. Therefore a good strategy is to begin reading a book you want your child to read, and keep praising its style and content before family members. You could also mention an exciting episode from the book and leave it lying around. If your child doesnt pick it up, wait for a few days, and then gently ask her if she wants to read it.

Watching you enjoy a book will do wonders to help your child develop a positive attitude towards books and reading.

– Nisha Daniel

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