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Greenwood High School Quarantine Learning

Greenwood High students launch unique initiative: Quarantine Learning

May 4, 2020

In keeping with their tradition of intellectual creativity and passion, the students of Greenwood High International School have launched Quarantine Learning, an initiative that provides free classes of exciting skills to children, bored at home during this lockdown period. Furthermore, they collect donations to aid those during these difficult times. From one student to another, they hope to inspire younger kids to obtain new interests to aid in their personal growth and development.

A team of eleventh-grade students have decided to do their part through the form of live online classes, each of which is approximately 45 minutes. A team member who is proficient and experienced with certain skills, pools in all their knowledge and resources to conduct an informative and engaging class for their registered students in hopes of brightening these dull times.

The Greenwood High students who initiated this project are – Sampreeth Immidisetty, Aryan Jain, Pranav Karthik, Harshita Ranjan, Arushi Srivastava, Prisha Jhala, Siddharth Sundararajan, Ajitesh Dasaratha, Ainesh Mohan, and Neha Gupta. The Quarantine Learning family has grown to over 30 students who are taking benefit of this initiative. They hope to provide a variety of classes ranging from Art, Programming, Card Tricks, Python, Guitar, Cubing, Astronomy, Quilling and Writing etc carefully crafted for each child. In their short and fun lessons, they aim to connect with students by having interactive discussions daily. Classes are easily accessible as one can join with a click of a link provided by an email.

A detailed description of each class is provided on their website where registrations are open for students from grades 3rd to 8th. They are accessible over several forms of social media like Instagram, Facebook, and Youtube which hold recordings of past classes. Easily available individual reminders and updates will be sent to every registered student about their weekly classes.

“It’s easy to feel helpless in a situation like this, especially when the best thing we can do for the world stays home. I realized that I wanted to help other kids cope with being stuck at home by providing them with a platform to learn new skills. We’ve gotten a great response from people, and even received donations, which we have sent directly to the Prime Minister National Relief Fund. I’m happy to do my part during these tough times,” said Sampreeth Immidisetty, student of Greenwood High who initiated this project.

 “This seemingly boring quarantine can be perceived in a positive light as we can use this unique free time in order to learn and improve new skills. We as students have become passionate in certain hobbies and are using this time to communicate what we have learnt from one student to another, in hopes of inspiring younger kids enough to acquire new hobbies. This period we are all in right now got very boring yet it was very scary for me. I figured this is a sentiment shared by a lot of people too, especially younger kids. So I wanted to do my part in helping them get distracted by doing something productive. If I’m not learning right now why not teach all that I’ve learnt so far?,” said another student Aryan Jain who jointly initiated this project.

Niru Agarwal, Trustee, Greenwood High International School said, “I appreciate the students for taking up creative activities in this difficult period that we are all going through. This initiative will give an opportunity to lot of students to learn new things and keep themselves meaningfully occupied during the quarantine. We always encourage intellectual and creative pursuits at our school and I am glad that students are taking a leaf out of the school’s vision.”

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