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Hackr diversifies its portfolio to cater to the rising demand for Design courses

July 10, 2018

Hackr – a leading online education community that offers the best programming courses and tutorials – recently announced the launch of its Design section. Hackr has served millions of programmers since it was launched in March 2015. Its programming community has submitted more than 2,500 tutorials and courses across more than 150 categories. Hackr has always been open to feedback from the community. In fact, it is among the few sites that have a constant “We love Feedback” link in its site footer. During the past year, Hackr received tons of requests to build a Design community on the same lines as programming community. Hence, the recent launch of Hackr-Design community.
Hackr-Design has been getting a warm reception from the Design community since its inception. More than 700 Design tutorials and courses have already been submitted across more than 40 Design tools, software and frameworks.

Hackr-Design lists popular tools such as Photoshop, Blender, Cinema 4D, etc. while also listing Design thinking tutorials like Information Architecture, Interaction Design, User Experience Design, etc.

Hackr-Design also comes with its own News section so that you can get specific news of the Design tools and software that you follow. Since no one likes to skim hundreds of news titles to find the news that’s relevant to them, Hackr provides only news that is curated to your interests.

Visit Hackr-Design to see what’s trending in the Design community. Feel free to submit the design tutorials that you have found useful in your experience. The community moderators will vet the submission and would approve/reject the submitted course/tutorial based on Hackr submission parameters. Hackr-Forums and Hackr-Events are also expected to start catering to designers very soon.

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