ISRA 2020
ISRA 2020

Heart to Heart

Hello Children!
Who doesn’t like a good laugh? There are so many things that make us laugh — a comic strip, the expression on a friend’s face, a funny story or a kid brother’s innocent comment. Or just pure happiness.

I’m sure you will agree that everyone needs large doses of laughter in their lives. That’s why Kidzone brings you this Humour Special.

Let’s explore how to make funny cartoons and copyright your own jokes. There are hundreds of ways to keep people smiling.
So, as the academic year ends, let’s celebrate with joyous laughter.

Idea box

Write your own jokes!

People who don’t like a good laugh are a small minority. Therefore don’t merely listen to jokes and repeat them, go a step further and write your own jokes. A few suggestions.
Make a riddle
First, write down a few words that have two different meanings. For example the word ‘right’.
Next, list words that are spelt differently, but sound the same. For example: ‘meet’ and ‘meat’.
Think about the two meanings and see if you can spot similarities or differences. Now use one of the meanings to ask A whacky question. Use the other meaning to give an answer with a twist. Check these out:
When is right wrong?
While driving!
When is left right?
When driving!
Ideate a joke.
Again, similarities or differences between the meanings and situations where common words are used will help you to ideate a joke.
A common format used involves a question and answer, like this one:
Why is a pilot like a frog?
They both like a good fly!

“Laughter is an instant vacation.” Milton Berle

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