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Sukhvinder Singh Sukhu

Himachal: CM inaugurates AI data center for enhanced school education

November 25, 2023

Chief Minister Sukhvinder Singh Sukhu inaugurated the Vidhya Samiksha Kendra, an AI-driven data repository center designed to enhance student learning outcomes in schools across Himachal Pradesh.

While inaugurating the data center from his official residence, Sukhu emphasized the introduction of innovative reforms and advanced technologies in the education sector to address future challenges. Vidhya Samiksha Kendra (VSK), powered by SwiftChat AI, is a data repository that aims to bring about technology and data-driven systemic change in all schools in Himachal Pradesh, according to Sukhu.

The chief minister expressed the government’s commitment to developing an education system where students in government schools feel proud and on par with students from convent schools. He stated that visible reforms in the education sector would be implemented from the next academic session.

Sukhu highlighted the integration of AI technology and governance, stating that it would empower children with powerful visualizations to enhance decision-making capabilities and improve learning outcomes. VSK will facilitate remote monitoring of key education programs and is expected to support students, teachers, and administrators with timely insights, content, and updated information.

The EdTech partner ConveGenius is supporting Himachal Pradesh VSK by hosting conversational AI chatbots on SwiftChat, serving as “digital buddies” to guide students, assist teachers, and provide valuable data for administrators. This real-time data will offer insights into student progress, teacher training, and overall school performance.

Sukhu emphasized that teachers can adjust their teaching strategies based on real-time feedback and remediation support, ensuring every student receives the attention needed to enhance learning outcomes.

The chief minister also commented on the previous BJP government’s approach, stating that while they opened schools for political gains, they did not provide adequate facilities, leading to a decline in the quality of education. Sukhu noted that the Congress government had to de-notify 900 schools due to these challenges.

Sukhu concluded by highlighting the fulfillment of a promise made by the Congress in its manifesto, stating that English medium schools would be introduced from Class 1 in the next academic session. Education Minister Rohit Thakur added that VSK would not only strengthen the teaching-learning process but also contribute to a brighter future for every student in the state, ensuring a high standardization of education.

Source: PTI

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