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Idea Box – Fun with Words

Words are fascinating, right from the time we call out Ma” and discover the magic of words. Here are some fun activities that you can try out with your friends!

• Take a sheet of paper and write a word. Fold and pass the sheet requesting a friend to write another one. After all your friends have written a word each, unfold the sheet and write a short story weaving in all the words.

• Have a ‘rhyme session. If a friend asks you What shall we do today?” respond in rhyme, saying, Lets laugh, talk, eat and play!” Another friend can add, I agree, what do you say?” The person unable to come up with a rhyming line to continue the conversation is out. Continue the game as long as you can.

• Break yourselves into groups and give each group a descriptive — Animals, Plants, Cities or Toys. Set a time to make a list of items under the category starting with each letter of the alphabet. The group that manages to find words for the most number of alphabets wins.

• Pick a long word and derive as many words as you can from it. Its a great pastime, especially when you need to wait all by yourself. Try hippopotamus for a start.

• Write an acrostic for a friends name. For eg: NEHA N-Nice, E-Easygoing, H-Honest, A-Affectionate. Make a card with the acrostic, decorate it and give it to your friend.

• Take turns to describe an object and get your friends to guess what it is. You can say, I see a smooth white object with a gold rim and red handle in this room (Maybe a china cup!) The person who finds the answer first gets a point.

• Get your friends to write in your autograph book, describing themselves in just one word! They will find it brain-wracking!

-Amitha Bennett

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