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Idea Box – Pep up your class!

Get your whole class to pitch in and add a zing to each school day by starting a ‘Bulletin Board project.
Fix a bulletin board in the classroom. Each day, one student needs to fill it up with interesting stuff. They can post magic tricks, interesting articles, photographs, suggestions, quotes or recipes. (This issue of EW Kidzone also tells you how you can make a bulletin board.)

The assigned stud-ent needs to stay late the previous day or get to school early to decorate and fill the board.

The challenge is for each student to do her best to collect really interesting material for her board. Students also need to write their names, and leave a white sheet of paper on the board for feedback.

One person (could be you) needs to organise this by allotting one working day to each student.

You will also need to remind the person the previous day.

Motivate your classmates to plunge into this project with gusto, and soon you will all be looking forward to seeing what the bulletin board has to offer each morning.

Dip your hands in finger paint and make prints on white paper. Cut these out and use as decorations.

Once other classes get wind of this, they might also turn up to see what the board has to say. Try it and tell us how it goes at [email protected]

-Cynthia John

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