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IISc announces new M.Tech. Programme in Sustainable Technologies

February 28, 2024

The Centre for Sustainable Technologies at the Indian Institute of Science (IISc) Bengaluru has announced the start of a new M. Tech. programme on Sustainable Technologies.

This is aimed at having skilled post-graduate students who can make meaningful contributions to the broad field of developing sustainable technologies and the relevant sub-fields. The M.Tech programme will be multi-disciplinary in nature, open to science and engineering graduates from a broad range of academic disciplines.

“The importance of sustainability is consistently increasing in all domains of modern society due to its immeasurable impact affecting the survival of humans and the planet itself. With the rising awareness on the importance of issues related to sustainability which include water and natural resource conservation, energy management, climate change, carbon neutrality and net-zero, health and wellbeing, policy and governance, and environmental stewardship, the need for academic programmes focused on these aspects is evidently crucial. Growing emphasis on supporting and managing sustainable solutions as required by the industry is encouraging academic institutions to prepare their graduate students in meeting this demand,” an official nore from IISc read.  

Established in 1974 during the Appropriate Technology movement, the Centre for Sustainable Technologies at IISc(,formerly known as ASTRA (Application of Science and Technology to Rural Areas) has a 50 year long history of being at the forefront in providing local solutions to global sustainability problems.

As the first multidisciplinary centre of IISc and one of the oldest centres committed to rural and urban sustainability in the world, the Centre has succeeded in maintaining its strong social connect and wide scale implementation of many in-house technologies in India and beyond. The Centre started to offer Ph.D. and M.Tech.(Research) programs in 2004 and most of the graduates from the Centre have joined various global companies and universities engaged in sustainability.

The new M.Tech. program in Sustainable Technologies will start from the academic year 2024. This will be a 2-year (4-semester) M.Tech. programme with a specialization option in Water or Energy or Buildings.

Eligibility: Applicants with a minimum of Second Class or equivalent in B.Tech.  (Mechanical/Civil/Environmental/Chemical/Materials/Biotechnology) or bachelor’sdegree in Architecture or master’s degree (Chemistry/Biology/Management) with a valid score in any of the following GATE papers are eligible to apply.

Architecture and Planning (AR)
Biotechnology (BT)
Civil Engineering (CE)
Chemical Engineering (CH)
Chemistry (CY)
Environmental Science & Engineering (ES)
Mechanical Engineering (ME)
Engineering Sciences (XE)
Life Sciences (XL)

Last date for submission of online applications is 22 March 2024. For more details,visit

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