Jagrati Educational Trust: Enabling smart career choices for the youth

Jagrati Educational Trust: Enabling smart career choices for the youth

March 25, 2022

Promoted in 2015 with the mission statement “To address the stereotypical attitude of the Indian society towards education through a holistic educational approach which encourages choice of careers among the youth”, Jagrati Educational Trust (JES) is redefining the hitherto evolving career guidance and counselling landscape of India through its innovative programme modelled on the globally acclaimed Multiple Intelligences (MI) theory. The programme is supplemented with a suite of practical assessments designed in-house by the JES team.

The Theory of Multiple Intelligence was developed in 1983 by Harvard University professor Dr. Howard Gardner suggests that the traditional notion of intelligence, based on IQ testing, is far too limited. Instead, Gardner proposed multiple intelligences to account for a broader range of potential in children and adults.

What is MI Theory?

The core of Education all these years has just been, assessing a student’s knowledge in their logical and lingual abilities. The rest of it is merely called “talent”. The concept of writing was more prevalent and the assessment was done in the same way too. Breaking this norm, Jagrati wants to believe that everyone learns in a different way and everyone expresses differently too, so Multiple Intelligence Theory helps both teachers and students to embrace everyone equally in terms of learning and delivering.

Over the past seven years since its inception, JES has expanded its reach to over 72 schools and 100,000 plus students in Rajasthan, Maharashtra, and peninsular India. Sandhya P. Nagar

“At Jagrati, the MI method forms the basis of all of our training and activities. We take pride in our work when we say that Jagrati is the only organisation in Asia that uses innovative methods to perform practical assessments based on MI theory to help children chart a path between their true potential and their career choices. By doing this students save several years of their life in uninteresting and unsuccessful careers,” says Sandhya P. Nagar, founder, JES.

JES Leaders

Sandhya P. Nagar, Founder

An alumna of Surana College, Sandhya P. Nagar is a practising chartered accountant who founded Jagrati Educational Trust in 2015 to enable the youth to make the right career choices by breaking the stereotypes. A neuro-linguistic practitioner and a well versed Sanskrit orator, she has won several accolades as a debater in various national platforms. Chinmayi Raju

Chinmayi Raju, CEO

A psychology, literature and journalism graduate of Mount Carmel College, Bengaluru, Chinmayi Raju is a professional psychologist and a trained counsellor. Driven by her passion to contribute to the education sector, she signed up as the CEO of JES in 2018.

Nikitha RS, COO & Creative Head

Nikitha RS

With a bachelor’s degree in psychology, journalism and english literature from Mount Carmel College, Bengaluru topped with a master’s in industrial psychology from Jain University (Bengaluru), Nikitha R.S. signed up as chief operating officer and creative head at Jagrati in 2019.  Her compassion and sensitivity towards the youth’s problems has helped her build strong bonds with them over the years. 

Distinguishing features of Jagrati’s career guidance programme

Career Mentoring Programme

A complete evaluation of a student based on Multiple Intelligence Theory using an experiential analysis is conducted bu JES followed by one-on-one counselling of students along with their parents based on the report.

Jagrati Educational Trust

Career Mentoring Programme in the rural areas

  • Jagrati’s career mentoring programme has been curated keeping in mind the needs of students from class VIII through university, both in urban and rural areas. High emphasis is placed on making the programme more affordable and accessible to them keeping in mind the challenges along with the intelligence level, skills set, interest and financial background of the students.
  • A complete evaluation of the student based on Multiple Intelligence Theory using an experiential analysis is conducted followed by one-on-one counselling of students along with their parents based on the report.
  • The programme encompasses experiential analysis as against psychometric tests. This helps assess both innate skills as well as interests of students by including not just their expected answers but their real intentions.
  • The assessments are usually conducted both in offline/online mode depending on the student. During the pandemic, however, all the sessions were conducted online. Special focus is given to one-on-one sessions. 
  • Jagrati also offers a year-long programme that covers various topics pertaining to physical, social, mental, world and financial health.
  • Continuous support is provided to students of all levels who need extra support with either academic or behavioral problems. 

Jagrati Educational Trust

360 degree approach

Students are provided with offine or online programme each month (for 6 months) that include physical, psychological and financial health along with mind grooming sessions, so as to prepare them for everything that future offers them.

Parents Consult

Every month on an assigned day parents can contact our experts regarding any issues concerning their children based on the program conducted.

What students say…

Jagrati Educational Trust

One to one sessions

I have realised my true potential during the course of assessments. Post my counselling sessions, I am a confident individual and now I know the careers that suit me best. I feel more prepared now. Thanks to Jagrati. – Pranisha, student, Timpany, Vizag

During the activities, I was surprised to see students who are academically poor, excelling in some hands-on activities. This session has truly opened my eyes. – Fayaaz, Teacher, Gurudeva English High School

I was absolutely confused about my future. I was interested in a lot of things but I was not able to actually freeze on anything. The counsellor informed me about the market trend and demands. I now feel more confident about my future. – Aditya V, Student, Timpany School, Vizag.

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