Kalkals (From Kerala)

Kalkals (From Kerala)


 1 egg yolk
 2 cups maida
 ¼ cup semolina
 Pinch of baking soda
 1 tbsp vanilla essence
 2 tbsp oil or butter
 ½ cup water
 ¼ cup sugar

For icing

 ¼ cup water
 ½ cup sugar

Preparation guide

  • Beat the egg yolk lightly, add the water, and beat some more. Next, pour in flour and all remaining ingredients (except those required for the icing), and mix well. Knead until it becomes soft, adding more water if needed. Cool for 20 minutes.
  • Pinch off an inch-sized piece of the dough. Flatten it on the back of a fork, ensuring that the back of the dough has a ribbed effect, striped all the way down. Then, gently curl it away from the fork, towards the bottom of the fork, until it forms a tight curl. This is slightly tricky but it can be done!
  • Once all the curls have been completed, deep fry them over medium heat. Fry until golden brown.

For the icing

Boil sugar and water together until the consistency becomes sticky and thread-like. Drizzle this syrup over the fried kalkals, mixing thoroughly until the glaze covers all the kalkals.

Health benefits. Semolina is rich in protein, fibre, and B vitamins and aids in digestion.

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