Karnataka: Students assault teacher

Karnataka: Students assault teacher, shove dustbin on his head

December 11, 2021

A widely circulated video on social media showing high school students physically assaulting and misbehaving with a teacher in one of the schools in Davanagere district has come to light on Friday. 

The video shows a group of around five students, none of who were in uniform disturbing a teacher in the classroom as he attempts to teach, took place on Monday. The incident took place at Nallore high school at Chennagiri in Davanagere. 
At the start of the video, one student was recording the video called out to another student, Hussain, among the students who abused the teacher to move aside to be able to get a better glimpse of the video. 
One of the students in the video is seen threatening to throw a dustbin in the classroom on the teacher. All through the incident, little retaliation was seen from the teacher who remained composed. 
In the second incident, students inverted the bin onto the teacher’s head as he has his back towards them and was attempting to write on the classroom board. The teacher only ignores two other students making repeated attempts to distract him by passing statements and making noises right behind his back as he continued to teach. 
School authorities, however, denied that they were aware of the incident while responding to television channels and called it a one-off incident of misbehaviour by students. However, the teacher, when interviewed said that there was similar instances in the past as well. 
Responding to this, D Shashikumar, general secretary, Associated Managements of Private Schools in Karnataka condemned the incident in a statement and said, “what we have seen is a very untoward incident. There have been repeated incidents of assault on teachers across the state and the Association condemns this.”

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