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Kerala: CM criticizes Centre for omitting historical and scientific facts from textbooks

February 27, 2024

Kerala Chief Minister Pinarayi Vijayan delivered a pointed critique on Monday, targeting the BJP-led Union government for what he perceives as a deliberate exclusion of crucial historical and scientific facts from school textbooks. Emphasizing the distinct approach adopted by Kerala in revising lessons, Vijayan underscored the state’s commitment to nurturing historical awareness and promoting scientific thinking among the younger generation.

During the virtual inauguration of 68 recently constructed school buildings across Kerala, Vijayan took pride in the state’s public education model, portraying it as a source of national pride. He highlighted the comprehensive efforts undertaken by the state government to not only enhance infrastructure but also elevate the overall quality of education.

Vijayan drew attention to the contentious move by the Centre to remove details surrounding the Gandhi assassination from certain textbooks, firmly asserting Kerala’s resolve to counteract such omissions through a meticulous revision of lessons that upholds historical integrity and encourages scientific inquiry among students.

Directing his message to the teaching community, Vijayan urged educators to adapt to the evolving educational landscape. He cited a noteworthy surge in student enrollment in government schools over the last seven years, coupled with the introduction of over 45,000 hi-tech classrooms. Additionally, he proudly mentioned UNICEF‘s acknowledgment of Kerala’s digital education prowess.

Expanding on the state’s initiatives, Vijayan detailed the ongoing ‘Vidyakiranam’ scheme, designed to not only enhance the efficiency of digital education but also to foster internet access and literacy among children. This multifaceted approach, according to the Chief Minister, reflects Kerala’s steadfast commitment to comprehensive and forward-thinking educational development.

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