Making summer holidays meaningful

PW invites parents of Gems International School, Palam Vihar, Gurgaon to share ideas to make summer holidays meaningful for families

Gems International School“I believe this summer is the perfect time for my nine-year-old twins Ahaan and Sparsh, to pick up a skill or two which could go a long way in enriching their lives. Therefore we have enrolled them in a music school to learn the nuances of playing the piano. We also intend to engage them in the kitchen to learn to prepare breakfast as I feel it is a critical life skill for every child regardless of gender to value and acknowledge the time and effort that goes into preparing a meal. Visiting historical sites, long drives, picnics and last but not the least, a visit to their grandparents are also on the agenda.” — Anita Patnaik, homemaker

Gems International School“Summer holidays are the best time for children to bond with family. Given that all of us — adults included — spend a substantial chunk of our time on digital devices, I am planning a technology-free vacation for my son Bir Kunwar Singh (class II) and daughter Prabhgun Kaur (class VI) in the lap of nature. I believe the simplest things like talking to each other, playing indoor games and engaging in outdoor adventure sports will make our bonds stronger and better while teaching us useful life lessons.” — Sukhmeet Kaur, senior technical writer, Ciena India

Gems International School“Summer vacations are about doing things together as a family. Whether it’s playing indoor board or card games together or teaching my son Agamdeep Singh (class II) and Apardeep (kindergarten) to play rustic outdoor games that I remember playing in my childhood, or even reading books together. All these are joyful activities best enjoyed during a holiday break. Of course a getaway holiday to the seaside or the hills has its own thrills as well.” — Ramanpreet Kaur, primary teacher, Gems International School

Gems International School“To begin with, I plan to introduce a health regimen by going on an early morning jog with my daughter Ira (class VI). After that we’ll chat about her interests and plan her day’s activities. I also plan to visit a nearby nursery with her so she can be inspired to go green and plant saplings in the neighbourhood and take up small-time gardening project at home. Additionally, we plan to travel to our native Madhya Pradesh to give Ira a glimpse of rural life as well as visit places of historical importance.” — Ashroopal Gupta, asst manager, Target Australia India sourcing office

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