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Modi and Gates

Modi champions tech for agriculture, education and health in interaction with Bill Gates

March 29, 2024

Prime Minister Narendra Modi expressed his enthusiasm for the application of technology in agriculture, education, and health sectors during an interaction with Bill Gates. He emphasized his government’s efforts in these areas, aiming to bridge the digital divide in India and ensure equitable access to technology.

Modi highlighted the need for digital public infrastructure and discussed the potential risks associated with powerful technologies like Artificial Intelligence (AI). He stressed the importance of responsible AI usage, suggesting measures such as clear watermarks for AI-generated content to prevent misinformation.

Furthermore, Modi showcased examples of AI implementation in various contexts, including language interpretation and facial recognition technology. He emphasized the need for continuous improvement and responsible use of technology, advocating for its integration into daily life for societal benefit.

Regarding climate change, Modi proposed redefining development parameters to include green GDP and green employment, emphasizing the importance of sustainability. He highlighted India’s progress in renewable energy and green hydrogen initiatives.

Modi also addressed the importance of data security and simplification of government processes to improve citizen services. He emphasized the government’s commitment to reducing unnecessary intervention and enhancing access to assistance for those in need.

The Prime Minister underscored the role of technology in empowering communities and fostering trust among people. He cited initiatives like “Drone Didi” for women in agriculture and telemedicine services for remote healthcare.

In conclusion, Modi expressed confidence in India’s ability to excel in the fourth industrial revolution with the effective utilization of digital technology. He emphasized the transformative potential of technology in addressing societal challenges and driving sustainable development.

Source: PTI

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