National curriculum framework for school education great expectations: Rashid Sharfuddin

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Rashid Sharfuddin
Headmaster, SelaQui International School, Dehradun

An alum of Delhi and Bath (UK) universities, Rashid Sharfuddin is headmaster, SelaQui International School, Dehradun. It is ranked among India’s Top 10 co-ed boarding schools in EWISR 2022-23.

  • I expect NCFSE 2023 to provide robust and detailed guidelines to schools countrywide to improve learning outcomes and equip children with 21st century skills and competencies.
  • I am also expecting it to contain guidelines on the smooth inclusion of vocational education into secondary and senior secondary education. Against the backdrop of over 50 percent of children dropping out after secondary school, the integration of vocational education in the formal school system will surely boost their employability.
  • I hope the new NCFSE will prescribe a new flexible subjects choice system at the secondary level to provide students flexibility to select subject divergent streams. Also it should suggest compulsory study of one international language in middle and secondary school.
  • I am also hoping that the third instalment of NCF for Teacher Education will provide a roadmap to train and equip teachers with the skills and competencies required to implement NEP 2020 in letter and spirit.
  • In addition, I look forward to NCFSE 2023 giving top priority to examinations reform. It’s high time our schools moved away from the final exam assessment system to continuous evaluation at the primary-secondary levels.
  • To achieve the holistic education objective of NEP 2020, I am keeping fingers crossed that NCFSE 2023 will light the way for all schools across the country to formally teach spiritual, social and citizenship values. This will lead to national unity and harmony.
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