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Navi Mumbai police found 88% of missing children from January to November 2023

December 7, 2023

The Navi Mumbai police commissionerate has demonstrated an impressive 88% detection rate in cases of missing children reported between January and November 2023, as disclosed by a senior official. Despite the challenge of eight children going missing within a 24-hour period, all of them were successfully located by the police.

Among the reported cases, various circumstances led to the children’s absence. In one instance, two sisters extended their visit to a temple, returning home later than expected. Another case involved a boy leaving home because his request for admission to football coaching was denied by his parents. A girl, scolded by her mother for not studying, left home in response, while another girl traveled to her relatives in Gujarat without informing her family but later returned home.

In a case of elopement, a girl ran away with her boyfriend, but the police acted swiftly to trace and locate them, ensuring a prompt resolution to the situation. The Navi Mumbai police’s effective detection and intervention highlight their commitment to addressing and resolving cases involving missing children in the region.

Source: PTI

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