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No online classes for kindergarten: Karnataka Education Minister

May 18, 2020

The Karnataka education minister S Suresh Kumar said strict action will be taken against the schools that are conducting online classes for kindergarten students. Calling it a ‘greed’, the minister said that he has been receiving several complaints about schools conducting online classes for kindergarten kids.

“I have spoken to the education commissioner on the matter, and he agrees that it is not right. Children at LKG age don’t have a syllabus that can be taught online. Besides, parents should not be forced to purchase laptops for their wards,” he said at a press briefing held recently. He also tweeted, “Why should schools conduct online classes for LKG and UKG students? This is just greed. The Education department will take action against such schools.” 

As it is still unclear when the schools would reopen, many schools have switched to online classes, even for kindergarten kids. Teachers say it is being done so that schools can earn more money. A teacher told NewsMinute that schools are sending notices to parents to pay the fee and start taking online classes as otherwise, their wards will not be promoted to the next level. Teachers say it is difficult to hold attention of such young kids while they are at home and parents too need to be present during this ‘useless exercise’.

Parents also find it difficult to be present throughout the sessions as they are also juggling between their office work and household chores. They worry that their kids might forget the letters and numbers if they do not practice it regularly. They also think the online sessions keep their kids engaged in activities other than watching television and sleeping. But they also think that online classes do not work for the very young kids as they need extra attention, otherwise they get bored and start playing with their toys.

Source: The News Minute

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