Online Parenting Summit, parent success story: Vaishnavi Naveen

Online parenting Summit (OPS) 2021 elaborates on various methods of parenting, a celebration of parenthood. The summit helps to reboot parenting and develop a friendly relationship between parents and their children. The concept of OPS is to create an impact on parents and their parenting styles. OPS aims to touch the universe and beyond, impact every generation that may come further. Until now, people practiced parenting in their own traditional ways but OPS tries to bring in modern ways in which one can make the parenting experience much more fun yet unique.

Here is the story of Vaishnavi Naveen, who talks about her journey as a parent.

ops: Vaishnavi Naveen

My name is Vaishnavi Naveen and I am a mother to two little kids- Pragna and Krishna Vihan, eight and two years old respectively. I used to work in an IT firm but had left my job to be a dedicated mother.

It has been months that we are going through troubled times, it is important that children remain physically and mentally active. Although there no play areas, schools or outings, yet it is important that we keep our children active. The pandemic made us feel that schools are just a need and not a necessity. If parents change their mindset, people can also bring up well-educated humans without school.

My daughter loves animals. I was touched to see her bond with them. We had shown her ticks suck blood from cows. Once, when she saw that, she removed at least 10 of them and pacified the cow. I was filled with joy as this is the kind of emotional development every kid should have to serve humanity better.

I never entrust my kids with too much money. Buying expensive toys or gifts in the early years usually makes them uncontrollable. It makes them less grateful/thankful for anything. It is better to teach them how to manage with the little resources one has.  

The most precious moment of my life was when I was teaching my elder one about various personalities, scientists, animals, continents, oceans, my little one who was nine months old spotted few continents too. This was an ‘aha’ moment for me. I felt proud of myself and believed in infant education and started giving the same to him. Now, he is just 22 months old and can recognise more than 100 personalities, he understands and recognises Sanskrit and Japanese too.

I feel “Trust” and “Respect” are two important things between parents and children. Once they trust us, they tend to share their feelings and problems. It is very important for their emotional development. I am willing to be a part of the online parenting summit as I might get a proper insight into different parenting styles. If you also want to be a part of this summit, register yourself. The advantage here is that it is an online summit so you can sit at home and get all of the knowledge.

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