PHealth Holistic Development programme

Product description

PHealth Solutions offers various holistic development programmes for students such as School Wellness, E career Development and Brain Development programmes.

School Wellness Programme aims to build healthy schools and therefore a healthier country.  Students today are under various types of stress and through the programme PHealth aims to create an environment where the school can effectively tap the potential of each student. The programme engages the students, encourages a study-life balance and thereby increases the student’s productivity and performance.

E career Development programme is aimed at students in class IX and above. The programme aims to create a common ground where the parents share their wisdom and expectations with their children and in turn understand the child’s passion and interest. This helps to match the family’s financial resources to the student’s interest and so help them to zero in on a career that is interesting to the child and feasible to the parents.

Brain development programme, designed for students of classes I to IV is a fun and interactive course that helps develop the child’s skills, performance, intellect and personality. A plethora of activities are designed to hone the child’s skills including logical reasoning, creative thinking, personality analysis, writing concisely, listening attentively etc.

Pricing for School Wellness program:

1. For atleast greater than or equal to 1000 students 1 rupee a day a year (365 rupees a student a year, minimum 1000 students for this price)

2. For less than 1000 students 2 rupees a day through a year

Pricing for any web based or telephonic individual sessions (nutrition, homeopathy, psychology): 1000 rupees per session. Payment is done in advance after assessment. Assessment to be charged separately. Pre-assessment call is free.

Unique Features

PHealth Solutions offers services to all students in a manner that is easily accessible. The counselors are available on phone and internet. They provide counseling via telephone, SMS and video calls

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