Planning a summer holiday in Covid 2.0

PW invited parents of The Chintels School, Kanpur to share their insights on how they are planning a vacation for their children despite the pandemic

“Summer vacations for our four-year-old daughter Arshiya are usually about outdoor activities and games. Since the pandemic situation has forced us to stay indoors, I plan to introduce her to reading, gardening, cooking (without fire) and other household chores. I will set a daily schedule and designate a space for her to engage in these activities. On weekends I will ensure she has a dip in the master bath tub with all her water friendly toys – her favourite activity” — Anshita Gilotra, teacher, Air Force School, Chakeri, Kanpur

“This summer is no different from last summer. Except that this year I know what to expect and can plan accordingly for my sons — Pragnay (14) and Prajit (10). First and foremost, I have signed them up for online coding classes which they love and I expect will build a solid academic foundation for them in the future. In addition I will give them basic cooking lessons. I believe cooking is a life skill boys and girls must learn early in life. In return, my boys have promised to teach me the nuances of chess.” — Hema Bhatia, store owner, The Kinder Closet, Kanpur

“Last summer, the global pandemic forced us to cancel all our vacation plans. Given the intensity of its second wave this summer, I have decided to take my daughters — Tanmayee (13) and Muskaan (11) — down memory lane to revisit holiday destinations by flipping through old family albums. The objective is to lighten up the mood and initiate discussions on things they valued doing on previous vacations like buying mementos, sampling local cuisine, playing a sport, or simply sleeping for long hours. I am confident this exercise will give them a near vacation experience.” — Nitin Rohra, entrepreneur

“Covid-19 has taught us — including my 12-year-old son Krishna (class VII) — valuable lessons in time management. Initially, he would become very bored and cranky. But over time, he started reading books and took interest in playing indoor games like carrom and chess. This summer, we plan to introduce him to simple household chores like laying the table, watering plants, folding clothes etc. Watching movies together is also on the agenda this summer. Moreover I have enrolled him in online English classes.” — Monika Puri, director of KG Footwear Exports Pvt. Ltd, Kanpur

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