Poems on the pandemic Covid-19 by an educator

‘God’s Nature -Man’s Obligation’
Humans had led a life so peaceful,
Dreaming that he hasn’t done anything harmful.
Nature is the only gift of God,
Admit that you made that gift as sword.
All we need is the only blessings of Almighty
If you don’t abide, he will surely harm you in mighty.
Time has come for nature to avenge,
why don’t you bow down to her in pledge.
Why don’t you seek the word of blessing?
Remember if you ignore, you will end up with begging.
Confess your sins and bow to Him,
I hope he will surely exonerate them.
Nature can be a curse with god’s ill,
Nature can be a cure with god’s will.
Hey man it’s time to think and retrospect,
If you do so, we may have a chance to prospect.
Just for the people who are money avaricious,
Should know that nature is more malicious.
Let’s thank god for our fellow being’s convalescence,
Let’s spread the power of prayer in luminescence.
Eventually, let’s not be in a state of incorrigible,
Let’s all be in a state of infallible.

The Tragic Corona
There came from the east a dreadful disease,
where everyone is unaware of its beast.
everyone knows its dreadful
but no one knows to be careful.
Lakhs of people suffered with this disease,
but many of them take it with ease.
Leaders say to be at home and not to roam out,
but people carelessly move about.
Where is the awareness gone,
where is the safety of your family and country gone.
Tiny and mighty nations suffer a lot,
so small and big, weak and strong should really think about.
all we need is to break the chain.
But i feel that everything is going to be in vain.
Oh, man stay at home and break the chain,
if you do so, your efforts will never go in vain.
Doctors take risk to keep you safe,
so all you need to do is stay at home and be safe.
please don’t invite friends as guests,
and never become a host for a ghost(corona)
Eventually maintain physical distance for your life existence

– Pandyala Mahender, Vice Principal in St. Peter’s High School, Sangareddy, Andhra Pradesh

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