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Prajwal Reddy

Prajwal Reddy from Greenwood High creates Kannada Learning App

September 15, 2023

Prajwal Reddy, a 12th-grade student at Greenwood High International School, has created the KannadaDisco mobile app for non-Kannada speakers to learn Kannada and its culture. The app is available on Android and iOS.

Prajwal’s inspiration came from his travels around Karnataka with his parents, exploring historic sites like Belur, Halebidu, and Hampi, which sparked his interest in Kannada language and culture. He self-learned Kannada using linguistic theory and extensive modules over 6-8 months.

He had the privilege of presenting the app to Mr. Shivaraj Tangadagi, the Minister for Kannada and Culture, who appreciated his efforts and offered valuable feedback. Prajwal was also felicitated by Mr. Santosh Hangal, the Secretary of the Kannada Development Authority.

KannadaDisco aims to help users achieve spoken fluency in Kannada through bite-sized courses and a guided dictionary. It also serves as a platform for NRI kids to learn Kannada and appreciate their culture. The app has received positive feedback for its vocabulary details and daily word learning feature.

Ms. Niru Agarwal, Trustee of Greenwood High International School, commended Prajwal’s initiative, highlighting the importance of understanding different languages and cultures.

Prajwal is passionate about languages, including programming and natural languages. He has created his programming language, “Pulsar,” and another language, “MIDILang,” which generates music through code to teach coding via music.

In the future, Prajwal plans to collaborate with schools to integrate KannadaDisco into primary school curricula. He aims to add interactive exercises and modules to the app, hoping to promote the Kannada language and culture globally.

The KannadaDisco app offers reading, pronunciation, vocabulary, grammar, and conversation features, along with a full-length course. Users can schedule daily learning notifications, and the app works offline on mobile devices.

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