Puzzle Box – 2

Javed got a pack of ten pencils for his sister. He took one for himself and made it look different so that he would know which was his. Can you identify which one is his?


Get Smart! Study Smarter

This is not a regular ‘How to study book. Its one with a difference. Anitha Bennett encourages children to work smart instead of working hard.

It is chockfull of ideas to manage study time better, to employ efficient methods of learning and to gear up to face exams.

With hands-on exercises, timetables, printables, fun ideas, stress busters and charts, this book is a must for every students bookshelf.

Publisher: Puffin Books

Mom’s and Dad’s

Exam time is here again! Its a challenge to help everyone stay cool. Here are four Ss that can help moms and dads manage the exam season with little fuss to encourage effective learning:

• Stock up necessities like stationery, paper and notebooks, even if your child doesnt ask for them.

• Support and applaud every effort of your child. Reward her appropriately with words of praise, small treats and hugs. Make the effort.

• Stick around. Be there to remind your child to study, take a break or have a snack. Thats one way to make sure she doesnt get stressed out.

• Dont compare. Every child is unique. Help your child improve in weak areas and put in her best.

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