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Rajasthan: Education minister calls Emperor Akbar ‘tyrant and rapist’

February 27, 2024

In a controversial statement, Madan Dilawar, the education minister of Rajasthan, has asserted that Mughal emperor Akbar should not be revered as great, but rather described as “a tyrant and rapist.” Dilawar claimed that Akbar engaged in the abduction and assault of girls obtained from markets, sharing this perspective with reporters in Balotra during discussions about modifications to the school curriculum.

Regarding the compulsory inclusion of ‘Surya Namaskar’ (Sun Salutation) in Rajasthan schools, Dilawar mentioned that its implementation is underway and will gradually become a regular practice in all schools within a few days.

In response to inquiries about the transfer of teachers, Dilawar stated that exams are currently in progress, and it would be inappropriate to initiate teacher transfers at this time. He assured that once the exams conclude, the process of teacher transfers would commence.

Source: PTI

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