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Ranjini N S – VI G – selected for Karnataka Girl’s under-16 Cricket Zonals (KSCA ) / BCCI (Dec-2018)

January 11, 2019

Ranjini N S of Grade 6 was selected for the Karnataka Girl’s under-16 Cricket Zonals (KSCA ) / BCCI (Dec-2018).

Ranjini practices every day and she is the youngest player selected in the Karnataka under-16 Girl zonal.


Arnay of Grade 5 is the proud player of the district badminton championship. He won and reached the quarter final of district badminton championship, organized by district badminton association. He won by 30-26 by defeating Mehul Johri and entered in to quarter final. His name is published in the leading news paper of UP, where the competition was held during the recent school vacation. 


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