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Resilience is the answer

ParentsWorld August 2020I read your cover story on how lockdown anger is disrupting family harmony (PW August). I agree with you that parents must develop coping strategies to manage lockdown anger and create happy and conducive environments for children. However, in your advice on anger management, you have missed including the importance of parents developing resilience — capability to adapt in the face of adversity, trauma, tragedy and stress and most important, bounce back. With the virus showing no signs of abating, the ability of parents to cope with crises and return to pre-crisis status quickly is what will enable them to support and encourage their children during these difficult times.

In fact it is resilience which will help them take bold steps to ensure family well-being. These bold steps include allowing children to start physical outdoor activity with prescribed safety measures. Staying shut indoors is causing untold mental health damage to adults and children, as well as leading to health problems such as obesity and sleep disorders.

Coronavirus-linked stress and limitations are causing far more anxiety in families than the virus itself. Recently, a city police commissioner stated that only 5 percent of Covid-19 infected cases need hospitalisation. I think this disease is being blown out of proportion, and limitations on movement of people is causing untold damage to families.

Rema Shishir, Bengaluru

Recipes for teens please!

I enjoy reading and trying out your recipes. I particularly loved your last issue’s recommendations to use leftover rice to cook simple and healthy treats. It would be great if you can feature simple recipes which teenage children can rustle up. Cooking is an important life skill, and these stay-at-home times make it ideal for children to learn the culinary arts.

Tara Sigamani, Mumbai

Challenging time for parents

Thanks for your cover story ‘Don’t let lockdown anger disrupt domestic harmony’ (PW August). Pandemic and lockdown anxiety is driving people of all ages over the edge and throwing family harmony into disarray. It’s an especially difficult time for parents.

In the best of times parenting is challenging. Now the prolonged schools closure and lockdown constraints are testing parents’ patience and energy reserves. Managing children’s online learning schedules and keeping them meaningfully engaged every day is not an easy task. No wonder parents are losing their cool and facing anger management issues.

It was good to read expert advice about the simple and healthy ways parents can manage anger and improve relationships with children and other family members.

Kalpana Kumar, Chennai

Use lockdown time for new learning

Your Resources story on online education providers was informative and useful (PW August). Over the past three months, my children and I have enroled in Udemy’s online courses. My daughter has signed up for a watercolours painting course and my son is learning the basics of magic. I have just completed a course on sign language because I’ve always wanted to volunteer at a school for the hearing impaired.

The lockdown has given many of us the perfect opportunity to learn new skills. My advice to parents is to use this time to encourage children to do likewise.

Litty John, Kochi

Beating boredom with words

I love reading your Fun with Words column with my children. The August issue’s story on anaphora was particularly interesting and my children enjoyed doing the exercise to identify the literary works/authors from where the anaphora examples were taken. My request is that you include more such literary exercises for children. Word play is a great way for children to beat lockdown boredom.

Sreeja Mathur, Delhi

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