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Sat Paul Mittal student Akshat Gupta’s research paper gets published

May 27, 2020

Akshat Gupta of Sat Paul Mittal School wrote a research paper, ‘The Universe’ that was recently published in “International Journal of Innovative Science and Research Technology” along with several knowledgeable scientists and researchers. The journal acknowledged that the work is original without any plagiarism.

The research paper tries to find the answers to the pertinent questions regarding the nature of universe and deliberates over the possibilities of life in the universe. It also tries to provide apposite and detailed answers to mysteries relating to the structure, function and prediction of life and universe itself with relevant observations.

Akshat Gupta was awarded certification International Journal of Innovative Science and Research Technology upon the publication by his paper. ‘I hope these theories act as stepping stones towards to unravel the secrets of the Universe.” he said.

Akshat excels in academics as well as various extra-curricular activities. Bhupinder Gogia, Principal, Sat Paul Mittal School, expressed her great delight and congratulated him for this remarkable achievement.

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