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Skill Lync announces Crashworthiness course for Engineering Students

April 27, 2021

Edtech startup for advanced engineering courses – Skill-Lync, today announces India’s first of its kind course in Crashworthiness. Crash testing is a key focus in the automotive and aerospace industries, and this course equips students with the necessary skills to set foot in the industry. Students can learn about meshing cars using HyperMesh and RADIOSS. The course can be accessed for 2 months, 4 months and for lifetime at Rs. 7000, 10000 and 15000 respectively.

This course focuses on the solver known as RADIOSS which is used in the frontal, side, and roof crash analysis. HyperMesh, which is specially meant to set up models for car crash simulations will be used in this course. Students in Mechanical, Aerospace or Automotive engineering can apply for this course and students who don’t have experience in this field can also be a part of this course.

Crashworthiness is a domain that studies a vehicle’s structural integrity after it has been compromised in an accident. Passenger and pedestrian protection will also be addressed in this sub-domain. Skill Lync claims that after completing this course, students will be able to set up cases for any explicit simulation, debug bugs, and post-process the results.

According to Skill Lync tis course will help students get better scholarship opportunities for MS admits, explore options in Research & Development, and jobs in top core companies. Students will also work on industry-relevant projects and gain experience in tools to help them stand out from the crowd and stay ahead of any competition in the industry.

Candidates who are interested in the course can apply on the official Skill-Lync admissions website:-

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