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Tech Avant-Garde celebrates women's day

Tech Avant-Garde celebrates women’s day #ChooseToChallenge

March 9, 2021

Tech Avant-Garde (TAG) started the record-breaking Knowledge L’avenir Conclave (KLC) webinars in association with Microsoft, Knowledge Key Foundation, LYCEE Corp, Efeeonline and Roshini Social Schooling. Th­e largest congregation of teachers (5,000) took a ‑first-of-its-kind test and 3,950 of them became Microsoft Innovative Educator (MIE) certified in a single day (27th September)! Till 30th November, they trained 150,000 teachers from 72,000 schools with a student-teacher-parent population of 7.6 crore.  The ‘Carte Blanche’ schools became the new gold standard in delivery of virtual education and early adopters of the Digital Transformation and Holistic Learning Program.

In the K12 segment 76% of educators are women. Therefore, on this woman’s day the leadership team of Tech Avant-Garde and Motif along with the educators express how they see the future of education, role of technology in education and woman empowerment. 

“Tech Avant-Garde was founded on the principles of “woman empowerment” in the digital age. I am glad we made it count when it really mattered – during the pandemic we trained maximum teachers on digital teaching skills, which saved formal education and made teaches Future Ready” – Shanta Sait, chairman, Tech Avant-Garde

“Being a woman and an edtech entrepreneur, digital transformation in education was my mission. My dream came true when educators adopted technology to teach and saved the knowledge capital of this nation. They are the real nation builders”. – Roshini Kumar, president, Lycee Corp

“As you all know this global pandemic has affected almost every sector in the country. But worst affected is education sector. With teaching and learning moving online, especially many teachers in India are facing challenge of coping with technology needs and learning digital teaching/learning. To simplify this scenario for our teachers, I Eddna Samuel, director @ Motif India take the pledge of making our teachers future ready by giving them adequate training on digital teaching/learning in partnership with Tech Avant Grande. As government of India is also promoting digital learning to safeguard us from any situation in the future, we understand the need of the hour is to make our school campuses totally digital and empower our teachers to make them digital and technology experts.” – Eddna Samuel, Director, Motif India

“The future of education is changing and we are moving to a platform of online classes. Skills learned during the pandemic to navigate this new terrain will serve our students well as they enter the workforce in the years ahead” – Priya Anand, head of school, TCIS, Whitefield Bangalore

“To see the world change digitally in every aspect of life” – Archana PM, Tech Avant-Garde

“To support school transform education digitally” – Sharoni Mitra, Tech Avant-Garde

“Technology doesn’t drive education; educated people drive better technology” – Bhumika Ray, Arya Global Group of Schools

“Future of education would be empowering and creative” -Meghana Kiran GS, BGS WORLD SCHOOL

“Bright” – Iram Siddiqi, The Blossom School

“Future of education will be fruitful as wonderful platform like Knowledge L’avenir and Microsoft Teams are continuously working for it” -Jyoti Bhalla, Doon Public School

 “Digital education is inevitable. It is a license to enter into the new era; I have shifted the gear and am ready to zoom” – Mugdha Basankar, Cambridge Public School

“I am foreseeing the future of education as a supertech-savvy student and teachers and completely digital education” – Shazia Khatoon, The Blossom School

“I personally believe that future of education has taken a drastic change in a good way. The teachers have become more tech shrewdness. The patterns of teaching have changed modern ways should be incorporate in the syllabus… Flexibility in learning is the keyword that governs the forthcoming tendency of imparting quality education to students” – Debapriya Chakraborty, Cambridge Public School 

“The technology plays a vital role in the teaching methods nowadays. The teaching is done using more visuals and picture material” – Sayyeda Faseeha Nizami, The Blossoms School

“Future of education is going be more advanced tech-based” – Namita Singh, SAMSIDH MLZS

 “In my opinion future of education is not only the traditional ways of teaching and learning but will be more of activities, gamifications , creativity, innovative techniques , traditional methods blended with technology leading to development of skills and making children future ready” – Ritika Sharma, Arya Gurukul, Kalyan

“Integrated curriculum. Integration of subjects and technology. It should be research-oriented. Project-oriented education help students to understand the concepts well” – Jayashree, Sri Aurobindo International School

 “A balance between online and offline classes – hybrid learning – is expected” – Uma Venkataraman, Cambridge Public School

 “The future of education for the present and forthcoming generation seems very bright and successful. They are exposed to various platforms and there is an ocean of knowledge just awaiting for our children” – Annette Sequeira, Arya Gurukul, Kalyan

 “It will definitely going to be a blended method of the traditional method along with technology” – Chinmoyee Chakravarty, Arya Gurukul, Nandivali

 “The future of education is highly individualized, learning with the technology is available to schools and students, and there is no reason for a student to wait for the rest of their peers to master a given topic” – Nirmala Suresh, Cambridge Public School

“New normal- future of education lies in present. Online revolution is going to be drastic change in near future. The next academic year will be more technical and user friendly and more online oriented” – Nisha Vyas, Cambridge Public School

 “The future of education is highly individualised learning with the technology available to school and students there is no reason for the student to wait for his peers to master a given topic” – Preethi Vishwanath, Cambridge Public School

 “The future of education is in the hands of the technical minds who can create a world of creativity, clarity, and collaboration. The world would shrink as one and the progress would be visible at the world level” – Geeta Nair, Arya Gurukul, Kalyan

 “We must be always smart to be stronger by knowledge, read your roots (books) and grow your branches (seek new ways of learning) as much as you can! Digital learning is a flexible way and affordable chance; it saves time, distance and money” – Reem Rashed, The Blossom School

“It is rightly said, Anyone who stops learning is old, whether at twenty or eighty. Anyone who keeps learning stays young.” – Teachers across the age bar has contributed in transforming the entire nation worldwide” – Balvinder Kaur, Arya Gurukul, Ambernath

“Students study in school should be beneficial in their life and this should be the aim of education. Children should be educated on how they carry themselves and on ways to cope up with managing themselves in stressful situations. Values of life should not be forgotten out while attaining centum marks” – Padma M, SAMSIDH MLZS

 “The technology is incorporated into education a lot. The future of education is going to be incredible” – Gangadevi, SAMSIDH MLZS

 “Blended teaching is a new normal. We need to accept this as soon as we can” – Shaikh Nadia Rizwan, Crescent High School & Junior College 

“Future of education is very bright as “learning never stops” this is well versed during pandemic and when corona can’t stop us teaching and providing education children, no one can. Remote learning and teaching is the future of education” – Neha Sharma, SAMSIDH MLZS

 “The future of education is in the hands of technology, we will have hybrid classes in the future where the students will not be confined to the four walls of the classroom but will have opportunities to learn at their own pace with the help of technology” – Anusha Datla, SAMSIDH International School

“I enhance to see the future of education goes very creative by the virtual teaching…” – Sridevi R V, BGS World School

“Via technology in which we are transforming in our day to day life” – Ashwini V, BGS World School

 “Digitalizing education worldwide” – Pallavi A, BGS World School

 “It can be a blend offline and online education. Mostly now students so adapted to technology will themselves take it forward” – Punam Lasaria, Arya Gurukul, Ambernath

 “I definitely see it becoming a major part of digital education in future… We cannot think of education in isolation from digital teaching… Gadgets have already taken over major part of our lives and there is no looking back from here” – Poonam Sharma, Cambridge Public School

As connected learning communities continue to evolve, so too do teacher roles, responsibilities, capabilities, and expectations. 

Effective learning has always depended on effective teachers.  In the age of technology-empowered education, the teacher remains the critical link to learning.  The integration of technology does however create a more sophisticated and robust role for teachers in the classroom.

Teachers in a technology-rich environment continue to provide information and academic facts.  In addition, on an unprecedented scale, teachers help students understand the learning process.  They guide students as they learn to find information, determine whether and when it is appropriate, and understand how to apply it to answer questions and develop solutions to complex problems.

Technology opens new doors to assessing, evaluating, and monitoring student learning, empowering teachers to help students capitalize on academic strengths and improve academic weaknesses.

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