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Testbook’s Video Streaming feature leads to 300% increase in student engagement

November 7, 2019

Testbook, an end-to-end learning and assessment platform, has created a unique feature that enables students to download video lectures on their mobile phone and watch them without internet any number of times. The Testbook mobile app has over 1.2 crore installs. The feature will help students in the Tier 3 and 4 cities where internet speeds are still not very stable and consistent. What is more interesting is that Testbook has devised a proprietary algorithm that compresses these videos, making the download size very small and reduce the data cost at least by one third.

With Testbook’s feature, a complete good-quality video lecture of 45 minutes only takes ~40Mb (*at times it can take up to 100 Mb) of space. This is lesser than 1 MB per minute of the video without losing any clarity on mobile viewing and keeps the learner’s data usage under check. Testbook’s special DRM technology in the feature prevents the video lectures from being pirated.

Speaking about this, Ashutosh Kumar, CEO, Testbook, said, “We are proud to announce the launch of our new feature which will be a breakthrough in helping students in the remote locations to learn through video lectures of India’s Top Faculties without facing any technological or streaming issues. It is understood that the internet speed can be unstable in far-flung areas but with our feature, not only students can download the videos and watch multiple times but also save spending on their data. We have witnessed an increase in student engagement as with these downloaded videos, there is no buffering lag and they are able to spend more time studying on the Testbook App.”

Despite being the leaders in providing quality relevant content, outcome driven and innovative product for over hundreds of govt. recruitment exams, Testbook’s solutions are very affordable, even for the students from Tier 2, 3 or 4 towns. They have a subscription-based platform for INR 599 per year for mock tests with over 10 lakh paid subscribers out of which 4.5lakhs are active subscribers. The platform charges INR 2999 for 6 months and INR 4999 a year for online courses with about 90 live courses available on the platform.

In the immediate term, Testbook aims to make the platform completely personalized and increase the number of exams served from current 100 to 300 in the next year and a half. Testbook’s 5-year vision is to become the single destination for Indian youth who prepare for and upskill themselves in a bid to get jobs, whether it be government, private or fresher-level.

Basis the initial feedback received, Adarsh Yadav, an active user, stated, “I changed my review from 1 to 5 stars since Testbook began the offline download option. It is the best platform for exam preparation at such a low fee. Thank you Testbook for providing amazing updates.”

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