Tips to get more students on online teaching platforms in 2021 

It is 2021, the Indian education industry has evolved from being home tutor based to online teaching platforms across India, which marks the rise of online education in India.

Students are no longer obligated to be in a classroom and teachers are no longer bound by a curriculum that makes them work for long hours without any flexibility, online teaching platforms are the new wave in the inception of online education in India in 2021.   

Online teaching industry has bloomed over the last one year. Not only has there been a significant rise in the number of online teaching platforms in India, there has been an increase in the number of teachers taking their professional interest in teaching into these teaching websites.

The basic and the most distinct advantage of teaching online is the flexibility of choosing the location and the fee for your services.  

So, go through these tips and try to acquire these extra skills to attract a lot of students in your online classes:

  1.   Ensure professionalism

Teaching is a noble profession, whether it is in person or, through online software such as zoom or skype.

Professionalism is the most crucial aspect of teaching whether it’s online or at home. One must ensure they are dressed in formals, with all the necessary equipment required for the session.

Besides, make sure that you have space or room at your home totally designated to take classes.

  1.     Prepare your sessions with notes

One of the most common mistakes new teachers make on online teaching platforms is not preparing for their future sessions.

It is always a great idea to develop notes for students to look forward to after the session, this way the student can revise before the second session.

Always keep extra teaching material ready for any unforeseen events or questions. Make sure you make transcripts/notes of the student’s requirements and prepare for future correspondence.

  1.     Ensure there are healthy discussions

Online teaching is slightly different in terms of teaching, sessions should be extremely personalised and must contain healthy discussions.

Discussions nurture a relationship that helps you build a base for better educational development.

Make sure your sessions have quizzes and interactive facts, so that the student pays full attention to the you and the topic.

  1.     Ensure you are attentive

Interested and attentive students always ask questions. How to make your student be attentive in class? Pay attention to what he/she require during the session.

Ensure you pay attention to their academic needs and psychological requirements.

  1.     If possible, create an online teaching course

Teaching online is slightly more dynamic than teaching in person.

If you are new in the online teaching industry, we would advise you to keep your first session either free or at a lower cost. Give necessary financial and moral incentives to the students.

  1.     Enroll yourself on legitimate online teaching platforms in India:

Now that you are aware of the skills to become an online teacher. Join private teaching platforms that could help you step into online tutoring in India.

If you are new to this type of teaching, let us suggest Superprof India, it is the fastest growing online teaching platform for students to teach and earn in India.

Why Superprof India for your first step into online teaching?

The pandemic has affected the Indian economy a lot in terms of jobs and income.
With people looking for an alternative source of income, online teaching platforms such as Superprof India can be an excellent way to hustle and earn an extra income while keeping your current job.

Superprof India is a part of Superprof, which is an international teaching platform that’s present across more than 30 countries.

Currently, the platform has more than 13 million teachers, making it the fastest-growing teaching platform in the world.

The main benefit of Superprof India is that teachers can utilise the services of the platform for FREE (no commission) and it is super simple!

There are just three easy steps in order to become an online teacher in 2021 through Superprof India:

  1. Register on Superprof India via email, Facebook or Gmail. 
  2. Create your teaching ad.
  3. Wait for students to connect!

The teaching ad on the platform is a representation of your teaching experience and methodology, a way to represent who you are as a teacher to the world.  As a private teacher, you can complete your ad by adding the amount you wish to earn from online sessions, this provides you the flexibility to earn as much as you want through online teaching.

If you are looking for an online teaching job then Superprof India is the online platform you must consider.

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