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UGC asks varsities to use AI for translation of course material into Indian languages

July 14, 2023

Reshma Ravishanker

The University Grants Commission has asked higher educational institutes to translate curriculum into Indian languages by employing artificial intelligence.

The UGC, on Thursday released a set of guidelines to have the study material translated into different Indian languages as envisioned under the National Education Policy 2020.

Making provisions for translated course structure, syllabus, and course material in Indian languages which will automatically instill the universities to provide the facility of availing the writing of examination in one’s own mother tongue or local language according to the UGC.

The guidelines have that AI could be employed for the first round of translation, later overseen manually for possible errors.

“’ANUVADINI’, the Al based translation tool for Indian languages, developed by the AICTE may be used for translation. This tool has many advantages, such as translation in the format of the source text file, speech to text typing, etc. All the editing facilities are also provided in the same tool. The first round of translation may be done through this tool, followed by further manual editing by using the tool. At present, the accuracy level of the tool varies from subject-to-subject and from language-to-language, which will gradually improve as more people use it for translation and editing”, the guidelines read.

HEIs have been instructed to keep the translations simple, to ensure students do not find it challenging while avoiding the usage of sentences with multiple clauses. English words would be given alongside the translated words in places where complex jargon is used. While translations need not be word-to-word, it must be ensured that the meaning of text is retained in entirety.

“The Commission for Scientific and Technical Terminology (csm) has developed standard glossaries. of various subjects. They may be accessed and used while doing the translation. If translation or creation of a new word/term is needed, then the CSTT may be consulted,” the UGC said. 

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